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New PII Classes

We have released an update to our PII Redaction Model that will now support detecting and redacting additional classes!

  • blood_type
  • medical_condition
  • drug (including vitamins/minerals)
  • injury
  • medical_process

Entity Definitions:

  • blood_type: Blood type
  • medical_condition: A medical condition. Includes diseases, syndromes, deficits, disorders. E.g., chronic fatigue syndrome, arrhythmia, depression.
  • drug: Medical drug, including vitamins and minerals. E.g., Advil, Acetaminophen, Panadol
  • injury: Human injury, e.g., I broke my arm, I have a sprained wrist. Includes mutations, miscarriages, and dislocations.
  • medical_process: Medical process, including treatments, procedures, and tests. E.g., "heart surgery," "CT scan."