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Product improvements

Check out the AssemblyAI changelog to see weekly accuracy and product improvements our team has been working on.

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Improved PII Redaction

We’ve released a new version of our PII Redaction model to improve PII detection accuracy, especially for credit card and phone number edge cases. Improvements are effective immediately for all API calls that include PII redaction.


Automatic Language Detection Upgrade

We’ve released a new version of our Automatic Language Detection model that better targets speech-dense parts of audio files, yielding improved accuracy. Additionally, support for dual-channel and low-volume files has been improved. All changes are effective immediately.

Our Core Transcription API has been migrated from EC2 to ECS in order to ensure scalable, reliable service and preemptively protect against service interruptions.


Password Reset

Users can now reset their passwords from our web UI. From the Dashboard login, simply click “Forgot your password?” to initiate a password reset. Alternatively, users who are already logged in can change their passwords from the Account tab on the Dashboard.

The maximum phrase length for our Word Search feature has been increased from 2 to 5, effective immediately.


Dual Channel Support for Conversational Summarization / Improved Timestamps

We’ve made updates to our Conversational Summarization model to support dual-channel files. Effective immediately, dual_channel may be set to True when summary_model is set to conversational.

We've made significant improvements to timestamps for non-English audio. Timestamps are now typically accurate between 0 and 100 milliseconds. This improvement is effective immediately for all non-English audio files submitted to AssemblyAI for transcription.


Improved Transcription Accuracy for Phone Numbers

We’ve made updates to our Core Transcription model to improve the transcription accuracy of phone numbers by 10%. This improvement is effective immediately for all audio files submitted to AssemblyAI for transcription.

We've improved scaling for our read-only database, resulting in improved performance for read-only requests.