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Hindi Transcription / Custom Webhook Headers

Code snippet for Hindi transcriptions

We’ve released our new Hindi transcription model to help you transcribe and analyze your Hindi audio and video files.

Now you can automatically convert any Hindi audio or video file to text by including "language_code": "hi" in your POST request to our /v2/transcript endpoint.

We’ve also added Hindi support for our AI models including Custom Vocabulary (Word Boost), Custom Spelling, Automatic Punctuation / Casing, Profanity Filtering, and more. See the full list of supported models available for Hindi transcriptions here.

To get started with Hindi transcription, visit our walkthrough on Specifying a Language on our AssemblyAI documentation page.

Our Webhook service now supports the use of Custom Headers for authentication.

A Custom Header can be used for added security to authenticate webhook requests from AssemblyAI. This feature allows a developer to optionally provide a value to be used as an authorization header on the returning webhook from AssemblyAI, giving the ability to validate incoming webhook requests.

To use a Custom Header, you will include two additional parameters in your POST request to /v2/transcript: webhook_auth_header_name and webhook_auth_header_value. The webhook_auth_header_name parameter accepts a string containing the header's name which will be inserted into the webhook request. The webhook_auth_header_value parameter accepts a string with the value of the header that will be inserted into the webhook request. See our Using Webhooks documentation to learn more and view our code examples.