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New API Reference, Timestamps improvements

We’ve released a new version of the API Reference section of our docs for an improved developer experience. Here’s what’s new:

  1. New API Reference pages with exhaustive endpoint documentation for transcription, LeMUR, and streaming
  2. cURL examples for every endpoint
  3. Interactive Playground: Test our API endpoints with the interactive playground. It includes a form-builder for generating requests and corresponding code examples in cURL, Python, and TypeScript
  4. Always up to date: The new API Reference is autogenerated based on our Open-Source OpenAPI and AsyncAPI specs

We’ve made improvements to Universal-1’s timestamps for both the Best and Nano tiers, yielding improved timestamp accuracy and a reduced incidence of overlapping timestamps.

We’ve fixed an issue in which users could receive an `Unable to create transcription. Developers have been alerted` error that would be surfaced when using long files with Sentiment Analysis.