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New Auto Chapters, Sentiment Analysis, and Disfluencies Features Released

  • v1 release of Auto Chapters - which provides a "summary over time" by breaking audio/video files into "chapters" based on the topic of conversation. Check out our blog to read more about this new feature. To enable Auto Chapters in your request, you can set auto_chapters: true in your POST request to /v2/transcript.
  • v1 release of Sentiment Analysis - that determines the sentiment of sentences in a transcript as "positive", "negative", or "neutral". Sentiment Analysis can be enabled by including the sentiment_analysis: true parameter in your POST request to /v2/transcript.
  • Filler-words like "um" and "uh" can now be included in the transcription text. Simply include disfluencies: true in your POST request to /v2/transcript.

  • Deployed Speaker Labels version 1.3.0. Improves overall diarization/labeling accuracy.
  • Improved our internal auto-scaling for asynchronous transcription, to keep turnaround times consistently low during periods of high usage.