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New LeMUR features and other improvements

We have added a new parameter to LeMUR that allows users to specify a temperature for LeMUR generation. Temperature refers to how stochastic the generated text is and can be a value from 0 to 1, inclusive, where 0 corresponds to low creativity and 1 corresponds to high creativity. Lower values are preferred for tasks like multiple choice, and higher values are preferred for tasks like coming up with creative summaries of clips for social media.

Here is an example of how to set the temperature parameter with our Python SDK (which is available in version 0.18.0 and up):

import assemblyai as aai

aai.settings.api_key = f"{API_TOKEN}"

transcriber = aai.Transcriber()
transcript = transcriber.transcribe("")

result = transcript.lemur.summarize(


We have added a new endpoint that allows users to delete the data for a previously submitted LeMUR request. The response data as well as any context provided in the original request will be removed. Continuing the example from above, we can see how to delete LeMUR data using our Python SDK:

request_id = result.request_id

deletion_result = aai.Lemur.purge_request_data(request_id)

We have improved the error messaging for our Word Search functionality. Each phrase used in a Word Search functionality must be 5 words or fewer. We have improved the clarity of the error message when a user makes a request which contains a phrase that exceeds this limit.

We have fixed an edge case error that would occur when both disfluencies and Auto Chapters were enabled for audio files that contained non-fluent English.