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New LeMUR parameter, reduced hold music hallucinations

Users can now directly pass in custom text inputs into LeMUR through the input_text parameter as an alternative to transcript IDs. This gives users the ability to use any information from the async API, formatted however they want, with LeMUR for maximum flexibility.

For example, users can assign action items per user by inputting speaker-labeled transcripts, or pull citations by inputting timestamped transcripts. Learn more about the new input_text parameter in our LeMUR API reference, or check out examples of how to use the input_text parameter in the AssemblyAI Cookbook.

We’ve made improvements that reduce hallucinations which sometimes occurred from transcribing hold music on phone calls. This improvement is effective immediately with no changes required by users.

We’ve fixed an issue that would sometimes yield an inability to fulfill a request when XML was returned by LeMUR /task endpoint.