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Shorter Summaries Added to Auto Chapters, Improved Filler Word Detection

  • Added a new gist key to the Auto Chapters feature. This new key provides an ultra-short, usually 3 to 8 word summary of the content spoken during that chapter.

  • Implemented profanity filtering into Auto Chapters, which will prevent the API from generating a summary, headline, or gist that includes profanity.
  • Improved Filler Word (aka, disfluencies) detection by ~5%.
  • Improved accuracy for Real-Time Streaming Transcription.

  • Fixed an edge case where WebSocket connections for Real-Time Transcription sessions would occasionally not close properly after the session was terminated. This resulted in the client receiving a 4031 error code even after sending a session termination message.
  • Corrected a bug that occasionally attributed disfluencies to the wrong utterance when Speaker Labels or Dual-Channel Transcription was enabled.