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New Audio Intelligence Models: Summarization

Starting today, you can now transcribe and summarize entire audio files with a single API call.

To enable our new Summarization models, include the following parameter: "summarization": true in your POST request to /v2/transcript. When the transcription finishes, you will see the summary key in the JSON response containing the summary of your transcribed audio or video file.

By default, summaries will be returned in the style of bullet points. You can customize the style of summary by including the optional summary_type parameter in your POST request along with one of the following values: paragraph, headline, or gist. Here is the full list of summary types we support.

Examples of use cases for Summarization include:

  • Identify key takeaways from phone calls to speed up post-call review and reduce manual summarization
  • Summarize long podcasts into short descriptions so users can preview before they listen.
  • Instantly generate meetings summaries to quickly recap virtual meetings and highlight post-meeting actions
  • Suggest 3-5 word video titles automatically for user-generated content
  • Synthesize long educational courses, lectures, and media broadcasts into their most important points for faster consumption

We're really excited to see what you build with our new Summarization models. To get started, try it out for free in our no-code playground or visit our documentation for more info on how to enable Summarization in your API requests.